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ewe After 30 years in Wyoming, Ewes In Color is now in Oklahoma. I do not have the numbers that I have had in the past, but through heavy culling have a quality herd of three breeds.

I have always had Colored Rambouillets, and have narrowed the focus down to the Badger color pattern. This has always been my favorite color and they have done well for me in the show ring, with several National Champions.

Ten years ago I was approached about LAI and I asked if possibly Teeswater and Wensleydale sheep semen could be collected in Great Britain. The semen was collected and this was the beginning of my Teeswater and Wensleydale percentage flocks.

After many life changes I have settled on a small place in Oklahoma and started a small business selling semen.

I was able to collect a completely unrelated Teeswater ram to semen previously used in the US, see pictures and information on the Teeswater page. Later in the year this led to a wonderful trip to England on a search for Wensleydale semen. Three colored rams were collected from Julia Desch. the information on these rams on the Wensleydale page.

The first Teeswater lambs are here from Rimington Crusader and I am very pleased.


The three Wensleydales are a very exciting prospect for next year. This year I used Carlson 707 Big Guy, a 93% ram that was National NCWGA Champion and Champion at Black Sheep Gathering. The ewes presented me with quality ewe lambs to AI in the future.


Happy sheep on wheat pasture in Albert-Oney Oklahoma

To contact us:

Barbara Burrows
P.O. Box 133
Albert, OK 73001

Phone (307) 851-2902

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